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Melissa Happel, Founder/CEO of Me Care Bourbon-Infused Bodyline, an expert in the salon and spa industry, with over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry, took inspiration from her home state’s internationally recognized commodity: Kentucky Bourbon. Her passion for beauty and bourbon sparked her vision to create a bourbon experience that reaches far beyond the palette.  This trend, in tandem with the ever-thriving beauty industry, was an untapped combination that Happel could not ignore. 


Happel, a perfectionist by nature, work relentlessly on a natural combination of ingredients that delivered optimal skin care results. Happel’s belief in using simple ingredients that are easily recognized for their natural benefits while leaving out toxins and harsh fragrances was paramount. Happel’s vision came to fruition as Me Care Bourbon-Infused Body Scrub. 


Happel then developed the world’s first handcrafted, Kentucky bourbon-infused bodycare line. Me Care offers an authentic Kentucky bourbon experience, which provides an intoxicating twist to traditional bath, body and wellness products.




Our products proudly wear the Leaping Bunny logo certifying we are cruelty free. We are committed to produce environmentally clean, cruelty-free products using ethical practices during development and testing.


We believe in using clean, simple ingredients that are easily recognized for their

natural benefits. Each product is handcrafted in small batches to ensure

that quality is never compromised. We leave out toxins, harsh fragrances, and pack our products with rich nutrients. Our bodycare products contain active ingredients that support the skin’s natural regenerative properties.


Our handcrafted products are aptly marked "Kentucky Proud" as we embrace and celebrate our Southern roots. Our authenticity is driven by love of Kentucky bourbon and our need to provide bodycare products that resonate with our customers.




"WE WILL DELIVER on the promise to bring our vision to the international community.  By producing a luxury line of body care that infuses the decadent essence of the worlds finest bourbon we are sharing the earthy, sensual spirit of Kentucky.


We are committed to evolve in ways that will promote conscientious commerce while invoking the splendor that is Kentucky."

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