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3 Inexpensive Ways to Share Love this Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Whether you’re married, dating, single, or a little complicated, everyone wants to feel the love on #ValentinesDay. We put together three simple ways to share love with anyone significant in your life.

While it may be a cookie cutter way to celebrate the #holiday, chocolates still go a long way. The first way to share love is with a small thought. These are inexpensive gifts that just show you’re thinking about someone. Giving a small gift shows a little bit of love to everyone from your friends to your spouse. That’s what this day is all about anyways-- just showing you care.

If this sounds like the right gesture for your significant other, you can find small thoughts anywhere from your local grocery store to #boutiques. Maybe even check out our new Me Care soaps and bath bombs here!

Want to take it up a level? A perfect way to show you care is giving something they’ll use every day. One of the best forms of this type of gift is self care products. Every time your friend, partner, spouse, etc. uses her new favorite moisturizer or relaxes with a bath bomb, she’ll be reminded of you.

Luckily, we did the hard work for you and put together Valentine’s Day gift sets with our favorite products. Skip the pricey dinner out and choose from our premium, luxury or deluxe sets, starting at only $34.95. Shop now!

If you’re looking to spend as little as possible, quality time is the best way to go. Take your significant other to the park with some wine and snacks; go drive around and get ice cream; or lay in bed, burn a candle and watch your favorite show on Netflix. No matter which inexpensive date idea fits your relationship, just being together is bound to share the love this holiday.

- Hayley Piazza

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