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Bourbon-Inspired Gift Guide

As the holidays approach, we are all left with the struggle of finding the #perfectgift for what seems like a never-ending list of friends and family members. That’s where this bourbon-inspired #giftguide comes in handy.

Bourbon-inspired products are trending this year. Who knew you could give your significant other bourbon-scented cologne?

The Manly Man Solid Cologne is a cologne in the form of a balm that allows the man in your life to smell good without the typical overpowering aroma left by most colognes.

Duluth Trading Co. also offers a solid bourbon cologne in a balm to help avoid cologne overkill.

Both make unique gifts for the bourbon-loving men in your life.

Need a gift that will appeal to more than just the men on your list?

Bourbon barrel art is also an up-in-coming industry with all kinds of unique pieces inspired by the bourbon industry. Etsy offers a wide selection of these gifts, including bourbon barrel clocks and bourbon barrel light decor

Who doesn’t love a good beauty product line to get hooked on? Give the your best friend the gift of nourished skin with Me Care Handcrafted Body care.

All of Me Care’s products are handmade with simple ingredients that are easily recognized for their natural benefits and several are bourbon infused!

Choose from body scrubs, body wash, body butter and more-- all with an intoxicating twist to traditional body products.

There are even ways to consume the rich bourbon flavor besides the liquor.

Give Bourbon Barrel sugar & spices to the best cook on your list and maybe get a gift in return!

The set includes bourbon smoked salts and peppers as well as sugars inspired by your favorite bourbon drinks.

No matter what the type of person on your list, there’s a unique, bourbon-inspired gift for them!

- Hayley Piazza

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