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The Best Christmas Gifts on a Budget

To splurg or not to splurg? With the holidays quickly approaching, so are extra expenses. No worries! Me Care is here to guide you with the best, luxurious, and affordable Christmas gifts for each loved one on your list while staying within your budget! Whether you are shopping for your girlfriend, mom, best friend or boyfriend, we have the perfect gift that won’t break the bank. 1. Cherry Bomb 3-in-1 Whisked Sugar Scrub Wash Our magical Cherry bomb 3-in-1 whisked sugar scrub wash is the perfect gift for your special-someone. Who doesn’t need extra hydration to fight off the chilly temperatures? This all-in-one scrub gently cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes, leaving your skin silky smooth and radiant. The classic light scent of cherry almond bark is suitable for all skin types and is made with coconut oil that provides extra hydration with anti-bacterial cleansing. Our all-natural plant-based sugar scrub nourishes the skin as it cleanses, leaving behind a radiant glow. The delicious and elegant scent of cherry and almonds will leave your loved one feeling refreshed this #Christmas. 2. Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub Give the gift of younger skin! Surprise your mom this Christmas with Me Care's Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub. This antiaging, hydrating scrub is all she needs to relax and rejuvenate this holiday season. Our hyper-pigmented body scrub is crafted with organic sugar cane, which revitalizes her skin after every application. After one use, this scrub leaves the skin soft and flawless, giving her skin an irresistible, all-natural glow. Me Care’s Bluegrass Bourbon scrub is infused with nourishing Vitamin E and meadowfoam seed oil, making it our best Scrub for dry skin. Our Bourbon Scrub is the best gift to make your mom extra feel special this year. She will fall in love with the alluring scent of amber, flora notes of richly-aged Kentucky bourbon and a hint of warm caramel and spicy vanilla - not to mention her radiant, younger looking skin. 3. Bourbon Bliss Handcrafted Soap Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life? This Holiday Season help him relax and unwind with Me Care's Bourbon Bliss Soap. This handmade body care soap has a calming caramel and spicy vanilla fragrance. Made with organic shea butter, sunflower oil, Vitamin A and E, goat's milk, and oatmeal exfoliation this soap will give him natural hydration and relieve dry and rough skin. He will be on Cloud-9 after just one use! Go the extra mile to cultivate relaxation for your man and pair our handmade soap with Me Care's 100 Proof CBD. CBD has consistently gained momentum in the wellness industry and is commonly known to be extremely effective in reducing stress and anxiety. It promotes many other health and wellness benefits that positively impact your mind and body. 4. Ortho Gel 8 oz. Gift the gift of all-natural pain relief! Our newest member to our deluxe body care collection is Me Care's fast-acting and organic Ortho Gel. This product is an absolute necessity for anyone in your life needing long lasting relief this winter. Our gel is no ordinary pain reliever - made with 21 essential oils and herbs it is an extremely skin-friendly product. It is organically designed to alleviate a variety of muscle ailments, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sports injuries – just to name a few. 5. Bourbon Bliss Midnight Moon Moisturizer Last but certainly not least - your girlfriends. Me Care's Bourbon Bliss Midnight Moon Moisturizer is the perfect gift for your bestie this Christmas! She will be obsessed with this decadent lotion - the light and alluring fragrance of rich bourbon, spicy vanilla, and the hint of caramel will make her feel special and pampered this Christmas. Our midnight Moon Moisturizer is a combination of famous skincare products making it the crème de la crème of moisturizers. It contains all-natural goat milk and honey, which provides a grease-free finish making it ideal for daily hydration. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it will leave her skin with a glow like the midnight moon. Each of these body care products will encourage your loved ones to spend a little extra time spoiling themselves this Holiday season. Give the perfect gift without leaving your house and draining your bank account this Christmas and shop online with Me Care! Meta Description: Shopping on a budget this year? This guide will help you select luxurious, affordable Christmas gifts to surprise your loved ones.

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