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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide By Adelaide Helena

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide By Adelaide Helena

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we know how difficult it can be to choose a gift that shows the most special woman in your life just how much you love her.

But never fear – our Mother’s Day Gift Guide will make it a whole lot easier. Our gift selections are unique, thoughtful and versatile. We’ve got gifts for every kind of Mom – whether she’s a practical Mom, a luxury Mom, a sun-loving Mom, a hippie Mom or a workaholic Mom. Give her a gift that she’ll love – she deserves it after all.

1. Amber Glow 3-in-1 Whisked Sugar Scrub Wash

Exfoliators are so important and beneficial for our skin but often overlooked as a staple skincare product. Our Amber Glow 3-in-1 Sugar Scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes, so really, you are getting 3 products for the price of one!

2. Mineral Salt Soak

All Moms can use a little relaxation. Our Mineral Salt Soak is a perfect way to gift relaxation to your hard-working Mom. Our salts are 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt and they are miracle workers. They help to relieve discomfort from muscle aches and stiffness while also acting as a natural remedy to many skin conditions. On top of that, the salts aid in minimizing the appearance of unwanted cellulite. Pair this with one of our Exhale Bath Bombs for the ultimate relaxation package.

3. 100 Proof CBD

Is your Mom a health-nut? Our 1000g CBD Isolate is an all-natural alternative to ease anxiety, improve sleep, aid in pain relief, and work as an anti-inflammatory. It can be used topically and massaged into the skin or taken orally by placing 1-2 drops under the tongue.

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