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6 Things You Didn’t Realize Were Affecting Your Skin

You may think that you are well versed when it comes to your skin. However, there are many factors that damage the skin and work against the good work of your skincare routine that you should definitely be aware of.

1. Stress

As well as many other negative health effects, stress can cause damage and irritation to your skin. When you stress, a chemical response in your body is initiated and causes increased sensitivity and reactivity of the skin.

2. Your Sleeping Position

Attention stomach and side sleepers! Sleeping with your face against the pillow creates friction which can lead to sensitive skin and the appearance of fine lines. Not to mention all of the excess oil and bacteria that collects in your pillowcases which can lead to irritation and breakouts.

3. Your Diet

Throughout the day, your skin can get progressively dehydrated through bodily processes and sweat. Drinking plenty of water is essential for providing our skin (and all other organs) with moisture and hydration. By eating foods that are rich in healthy oils and fats, you aid in your skin’s production of collagen that can lead to suppler and smoother skin.

4. The Sun

It is well known that unprotected exposure to the sun can damage your skin. However, these damaging effects can continue HOURS after exposure to the sun and can result in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and broken capillaries.

5. Climate

Cold climates can give you skin a tough time. The drop in temperature and reduction in humidity can cause your skin to dry out. Battling against cold winds can also extract moisture from exposed skin.

6. Your Phone

The blue light from your smartphone and other electronic devices is said to penetrate the skin more deeply than UV rays and can cause damage to collagen and elastin. Worse still is the incredible amount of bacteria that lives on the surface of your phone that touches and damages your skin on a daily basis.

Despite having a well-regimented skincare routine, there are many factors that can hinder its effectiveness and reverse your overall skin health. By being aware of these factors, you can take the necessary steps to reduce and avoid them to ensure your skin is glowing year round!

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